God is with you. We send messages so you always remember.

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Imagine getting text messages with prayer prompts, short quotes, or links to visual images — invitations to think of God

Your phone is always with you. Instead of it being a distraction it can be a tool for spiritual growth

  • Choose the times and days to receive Godminders

  • Choose specific messages or categories of content

  • Add your own material, personal words that speak powerfully to your heart

Then, a few times a day, you stop for a moment to notice your Creator, your Friend is with you.

  • The noise of the world recedes

  • The voice of the Spirit fills your mind

Over time, Godminders helps you develop the kind of deep, abiding communion with the Source of love and joy that your soul longs for.

Try Godminders out for two weeks. Discover God in daily life.

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